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Exterior Painting

Key Exterior Painting Factors

Warmer weather means time to maintain your facility's exterior. But be careful about when exterior coatings are applied ... too much humidity and extreme temperatures can be detrimental.

We answer your questions about exterior needs and help you choose the right coating system.

  • Swing stage and lift work

  • Caulking

  • Diagnosis of surface damage/water leaks

  • Graffitti coverage

exterior condo painting

Other exterior factors

Eifs (Dryvit)
This unique surface requires the right kind of coating system and, more than any other surface, is likely to fail if the wrong coating system is applied. Make sure you first consult with an industry professional before applying coating on a Efits/Dryvit surface.

Soffits and Columns
Make sure that any structures with cavities have sufficient venting for air circulation. No vents, or badly placed vents, will cause paint failure.

Pressure Wash
Don't overdo it. Forcing too much water into the substrate will result in failure if not given enough time to dry out.

Metal Railings
Be aware of the new laws governing oil-based

The greatest enemy of steel is moisture. Once it comes in contact with bare steel, it causes oxidation, which results in rust. It is the job of a coating system to prevent moisture from gettin to the bare steel. Our years of experience has shown us that a three-coat urethane system is very effective in protecting steel from the effects of moisture.

hotel painted in two-tone
exterior townhome
Causes of Exterior Paint Failure

It is estimated that over 65% of exterior paint failures are caused by improper surface preparation. Other causes can include construction errors, building ventilation errors, building leaks or improper maintenance.

If you’ve had paint failure, it is important to know the cause of the paint failure before repainting.

During the spring and summer months, Depend provides a free consultation for your exterior painting needs, and will provide an evaluation if you are experienced paint failure.

Some causes of exterior paint failure include:
- Painting over new masonry or new stucco that has not adequately cured.
- Painting over old oxidized chalky paint or stain
- Painting over rot or insect-damaged wood
- Painting the second coat before the first paint coating has adequately dried
- Painting too thick: slopping on paint that runs down walls
- Painting too thin: overthinning paint dilutes the binders
- Painting over silicone
- Painting in hot sun or dry wind: is particularly problematic when painting stucco - Painting over glossy hard paint surfaces without adequate preparation such as light sanding or use of a chemical de-glosser, likely to lead to an adhesion failure.

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Does your exterior concrete need painting this summer?  If your concrete is showing signs of algae, alligatoring or wrinkling, it should have a new coat of paint before next winter.

Algae spores on concrete are most commonly found on surfaces that are continually wet and are in bright conditions … such as community pools and water fountain areas.  They are green, red or brown film on the surface and are very difficult to remove. Treatment includes sanding, treating with a bleach solution, proper priming and painting.

Alligatoring is a problem with paint adhesion to the surface. It can be solved by sanding the surface, applying the right primer followed by a high quality paint.

Wrinkling is the development of ridges and furrows on the surface. This is typically attributed to the painter applying a coat of paint that is too thick.  The top surface dries faster than the paint underneath, creating shrinkage.  Sanding is usually the first step in solving the problem, followed by a chemical wash, if necessary to reach the original surface.


Since 1990, Depend has a spotless record for exterior paint jobs.  Call us today for your free consultation.





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