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Specializing in these Commerical Painting Needs


Interesting Video from Sherwin Williams on medical centers and color.



Interior Painting and Wallcovering

Interior Painting

With over 150 years of combined painting and decorating experience on our team, we provide extraordinary consultation and service in all areas of interior work. Depend painters maintain the highest quality of professionalism, are extremely polite, and will adapt to changing facility parameters during the job.

The way we operate our jobsites is what makes Depend a true stand-out as a commercial painting contractor. We meet personally with you, the customer to fully discuss the job. We carefully asses the jobsite of safety, cleanliness, and traffic issue before the job ever begins. On-site, we protect all adjacent surfaces that may be affected by our work. Our Zipwall and HEPA vacuum cleaners isolate the work space and confine dust particles to assure the cleanest work area possible.

After we completely secure the work area, we install all the necessary signage and barriers to ensure safety to visitors and/or tenants. Following the preparation of the work area, we prepare the surfaces for the new paint or wall covering. Every detail is attended to in this prep work to address any uneven surfaces, holes, cracks, or other surface inconsistencies that may effect the finished job.

As we apply the paint or install the wall covering, we keep the jobsite clean and safe throughout the job. At the end of each day, we secure the job site if the work is still underway, and check for safety, cleanliness and quality. Throughout the job, we check with the customer to see if there are any issues at their end that need to be addressed.

less mess, less disruption

We utilize many techniques to minimize noise, dust, and disruption to your daily routine.

In addition to using equipment that minimizes the mess, we take additional steps to be as invisible as possible while completing your job on-time and on-budget.

painter hepa filter painters zip wall

We capture dust particles with equipmment using HEPA filters.

Zip walls decrease the dust in the areas adjacent to our work.




Uniflex Roofing
Uniflex Roof Coatings are economical options to roof replacement.

Paint Green
We provide environmentally preferred paint products.

Painter for a Day
Have a few small jobs? Check out our "Painter for a Day" program.



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