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Specializing in these Commerical Painting Needs


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Depend Commerical Painting Services ... from A to Z

From Cement Floors to Roofs, Depend Does it All in Commerical Painting Services

Our professional craftsmen have learned their trade over years of training and experience. Additoinally, we proivde on-site supervision that assures every painting, wallcovering, or coating job we perform is done with quality attention.

Here ae a few of our services:

Acoustical Ceiling Tile

Have acoustical ceiling tiles that are aged and darkening your facility?  We bring new life to acoustical ceiling tile. Painting tile is less expensive than replacement and can be completed much faster.  We use only the highest quality coatings made for acoustical ceiling tiles and take special care to eliminate over-spray, minimize dust, and maintain the sound-buffering qualities of the tile. 

Painting Acoustical Ceiling Tile

Decorative Finishing / Faux Finishes

Our decorative painting includes hundreds of options for customer faux finishes and glazes.  Ask us about our many options for depth, textures, and colors including fresco walls, metallic, quartz stone, striae, crackle, crinkle, marbling, color washing, stenciling, leaf, and tissue paper treatments.

Painting Faux Wall Finish

Drywall Repair

Turn to Depend for expert drywall repair from ceiling to walls, from water-resistant drywall to special fire-rated, from single layer needs to double-layer needs. We deliver a seamless, smooth, and  professional repair with the smallest amount of disruption in your busy day.



Electrostatic painting is ideal for applying a long-lasting coating on metal surfaces such as steel, aluminum, copper or other conductive material.  It is used on outdoor metal structures, such as bridges, standpipes and railings.  It is ideal for applications in warehouses and plants, such as catwalks, railings, production equipment, or other metal surfaces. Other applications include restroom stalls, metal file cabinets, and rolling metal carts.

Electrostatic Restroom Stall Painting

Exterior Painting

Our professional painters have years of experience in completing exterior painting projects with the least amount of disruption to the daily facility activities.  We carefully evaluate the exterior needs and choose the right coatings, materials, and application equipment, while addressing the varying environmental and atmospheric conditions. 

We are EPA Lead-Safe certified for pre-1978 buildin
gs impacted by the RRP Rule.

Exterior commercial painting

Floor Coatings

Floor coatings provide a durable finish that can be antimicrobial and resistant to mold and mildew. Our epoxy coatings have no lingering odors and near zero VOCs.  Perfect for rough and pitted floors due to the self-leveling nature of the product.  Ask about the variety of colors and patterns.  Ideal for warehouses, manufacturing and industrial facility floors, food service areas and areas with high-traffic and heavy equipment, such as forklifts.

Commerical floor painting

Industrial Painting

We understand the many intricacies of painting in industrial environments and deliver a project that is done properly, within budget, and on time with the least amount of disruption to business. We prepare and apply the proper coatings to most industrial surfaces including ceilings, walls, floors, corrugated steel panels, roofs, machinery, equipment, and metal deck ceilings.

Painting Manufacturing Plant

Interior Painting

Depend professionals deliver extraordinary consultation and service in all areas of interior work. We maintain the highest quality of professionalism, are extremely polite, and will adapt to changing facility parameters during the job.  However, the way we operate our jobsites is what makes Depend a true stand-out as a commercial painting contractor.  

Commerical interior painting

Pool Painting

A newly painted pool reflects the clean image a facility needs to convey to its residents and guests.  Additionally, recoating a pool will reduce chemical usage, is easier to clean, stays cleaner longer, and prolongs the life of the pool’s structure.  We use a special epoxy commercial-grade paint after the appropriate preparation of the pool’s surface to assure a long-lasting, durable finished paint job.

Painting Hotel Pool

Roof Coating

Whether your facility’s roof is metal, modified bitumen, built-up, single-ply, or polyurethane foam, DEPEND Painting & Decorating offers a Uniflex® coating solution to fit your needs.
We use products from the Uniflex® Product Portfolio that feature reflective products that can help reduce cooling costs for your facility and conserve energy.

Roof Coatings

Water Proofing

In our Midwest environment, the threat of humidity and moisture can deteriorate your exterior building surfaces.  We create “vapor blocks” to protect the surface and make it virtually immune to moisture penetration.  Our process is effective on a variety of surfaces including wood, concrete, stucco, brick vinyl, metal and dryvit.

Water proofing


The commercial wallcoverings we install are produced to withstand the rigors of commercial use in hotels, apartment buildings, educational facilities, hospitals, and office buildings.  They are manufactured to meet or surpass the characteristics set forth in Federal Specifications CCC-W408, which have particular requirements for flammability, tear strength, abrasion resistance, stain resistance, scrubbability and washabilty.

Commerical Wallcovering





Uniflex Roofing
Uniflex Roof Coatings are economical options to roof replacement.

Paint Green
We provide environmentally preferred paint products.

Painter for a Day
Have a few small jobs? Check out our "Painter for a Day" program.



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