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Illinois AIM Legislation

Scheduled to take effect on July 1st, 2009, Illinois will have new legislation that places more stringent controls on paint products and the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) they emit. It is referred to as AIM legislation, as it refers to all Architectrual and Industrial Maintenance (AIM) coatings. A similar version of this legislation is currently in effect in Ohio.
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AIM Legislation Details

Some of the most important changes of the Illinois AIM include:

  • Oil-based paints, stains, or varnishes will no longer be allowed on the interior or exterior of residences. As an example, it will be illegal to use oil-based primers or paints on wood trim.
  • Oil-based paints will not be allowed on the interior of institutional, hospitality, commercial, or healthcare facilities.
  • Oil-based stains and varnishes can continue to be used in shop settings. Paint stores will continue selling quart containers of these products for minimum use. Combining four quarts into a gallon container will be illegal.
  • Aerosols will continue to be available.

There are some additional elements to these restrictions, and fines are expected to range from $1,500 to $20,000.

It's imperative that your painting contractor understand these new regulations and the impact they may have on your building maintenance.

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DEPEND and Beyond Green Paint

We believe that a commitment to the environment goes beyond the product we apply to your walls. At DEPEND:

  • We maintain a recycling dumpster at our shop for shop and construction waste.
  • We are trying to create cooperative relationships with paint stores to recycle 5 gallon pails ... and even gallon containers.
  • We try to submit all our estimates and invoices electronically.
  • Every day we live our mantra, "Stay Green My Friends".

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