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"DEPEND'S staff is incredibly polite and friendly, and they easily become part
of our team.  They blend right into the woodwork and work as unobtrusively as possible."

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Our experienced painters know how to work in challenging environments.

Our flexible shifts allow us to work in rooms, common areas, corridors, lobbies, etc. without disrupting people and everyday activities.


The hardest decision when decorating is picking colors.  Many paint stores now have oversized samples of certain colors, or quart-sized containers.

Pick up your top choices, invest in small containers, and paint It is well worth the investment of a few dollars to  of the most expensive processes in decorating is the wall prep needed after the wallpaper is removed.

A cheaper option is to remove the wallcovering and apply a texture.  the texture can then be painted in any color.  

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idea paint wallA local corporate headquarters was considering updating a few of its floors, including several conference rooms.  We suggested using IdeaPaint, which transforms just about any surface into a brainstorming whiteboard. Scroll down to learn more about this exciting new product.   

Most of our work this month is exterior painting and repair.  See what the professionals say about which exterior paint lasts the longest.

One of our specializations is doing painting and decorating work in long-term care centers and nursing homes.  We've included some tips on color choice for these facilities.

If you are not familiar with our  new roof coating system,take a minute to visit our website and see its many advantages.  It is much cheaper than roof replacement, usually costing one-fifth the price of replacement and comes with a 10-year warranty.     

And don't forget our convenient "Painter for a Day" program for small jobs and touch-ups.

As always, our payment options are as creative as your interior design.

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roofIdeaPaint: Turns Any Surface into a Whiteboard

whiteboard painting

We've applied Idea Paint in several locations and our customers just love it.  It transforms any hard surface into a whiteboard where artwork can be changed everyday, brainstorming has no limits, and collaboration becomes exciting and interactive.

It can be applied to walls, hallways, columns, doors, conference tables, or reception areas.  Unlike whiteboards, there is no costly removal ... just paint over it. Plus, there are no seams.  It comes in various colors: white, light gray, white sand, off-white, beige, orange, light green and blue. 

Since "we paint green" we especially like the fact that it is GreenGuard certified!  Call us today to find out more about this innovative option for your facility.

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bomExterior Colors That Last

exterior townhome

Are there options for longer-lasting exterior paint?

According to Sherwin-Williams, some colors hold their brilliance a little longer.   

 Organic color pigments include the brighter colors, such as blues and greens.  They tend to fade more quickly than inorganic color pigments, such as red iron oxide or brown oxide.

Also, high quality acrylic latex house paints will retain their color better than solvent-based paints.

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The Effect of Color in Nursing Homes

 nursing home social

Research shows that color can affect behavior.  In a nursing home, the nurses' station should be done in cool colors or those that are highly reflective.  This reduces shadows, improves visbility, and can contribute to higher productivity.  Cool colors also reduce stress and tension.

Reds and yellows are social colors as they stimulate and excite. These are ideal hues for cafeterias, lounges and lobbies ... places where social interaction takes place.

In resident rooms, the color depends on how long a person is expecting to occupy the room.  Rooms for short-term residents should have neutral or pastel colors with few visual accents.  In rooms with long-term care residents, a balance of color and contrasting tones will keep the space looking fresh and inviting.


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